What is BLAM?

BLAM is the acronym for Blooming Amazons Ministry a for-purpose , faith-based Organisation that supports and encourages women to live to their full potential and contribute their quota to their society and nation. One of the ways we achieve that is by organizing conferences and seminars to challenge women to press for more.

What is THRIVE?

Thrive is this year’s annual Blooming international Conference where we bring young thriving women to Charge God’s Daughters…

The theme “Thrive” was given to us to by the help of The Holyspirit to connote where He wants His daughters to be this year.

He wants us (as the dictionary meaning of thrive implies) “to prosper; be fortunate or successful”

Our speakers will be speaking in the light of Romans 15:14 TPT
“My dear brothers and sisters, I am fully convinced of your genuine spirituality. I know that each of you is stuffed full of God’s goodness, that you are richly supplied with all kinds of revelation-knowledge, and that you are empowered to effectively instruct[l] one another.
It will be life-transforming experience featuring Worship and The Word in an electrifying atmosphere that will foster clarity , networking and Ultimately advancement.

What is the time Duration of the meeting?

It’s from 9am – 5pm and every single minute is power-packed, you want to start planning ahead for this.

Can men come?

Yes, though the meeting is tailored to address feminine related issues.

Will there be refreshments?

Yes! Lunch will be served… Courtsey of our sponsors #Maggi .
The famous #MaggiJollof and #Barbecue will be serve and there’s more than enough to go round.

Who are the speakers?
  1. Debola Deji-Kurunmi
  2. Laju Iren
  3. Raquel Daniel
  4. Toyin Poju-Oyemade
Thrive Power Chat?

It is a panel discussion segment where we would have “successful” women in the market place to set the part for
Conference participants

What is the cost of attending the conference?

It is absolutely FREE!!!

Can I get be a part of what God is doing by giving of my self and resources?

Yes, please call this number: ‭+234 8181419730