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We love you, we believe in you and you also can BLOOM!

We believe that healthy living involves balancing several dimensions of life: mind, body, spirit and community.

In our personal lives, troubles can arise that dictate we need outside help with our fears, insecurities, marriages, other relationships, children problems, in-law problems, family problems, and making difficult decisions concerning whatever issue that we find ourselves  in as women.

Whatever your problems may be, we believe that God plays a major part in restoring our dysfunctional lives, families, and issues and our prepared, seasoned and experienced team of professionals across all works of life is always available to offer counseling services to women on life issues on a balance of faith and Christ’s love.

Feel comfortable reaching out, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to bloom. Bloom Baby Bloom

BLAM is a place where your life’s issues are addressed without any form of judgment.

It begins here...

Are you currently experiencing any feelings of overwhelming sadness, grief, fears, insecurity, depression, hopelessness ?

You deserve to be happy; you deserve to function in the best God has for you.

We love you and Jesus loves you even more!


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